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Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that in implemented by etching hair like scratches in the skin using a manual blade dipped in pigment. This technique when applied and aftercare instructions are followed as described, leave a naturally fuller looking and more defined realistic eyebrow. Thiis procedure can be done on clients with thin to no hair in brow area for a subtle and very natural look.



Microblading is a type of permanent makeup in the brow area. Microblading is a subtle tattoo that is implemented into the skin with a small manual tool that resembles a blade attached to a pen. we use this tool to draw and etch small strokes in the skin that are made to resemble your natural hair. Then another tool either manual or machine is used to shade in the areas between the hair strokes to resemble the fullness achieved by naturally dense overlapping hair. Microblade and shade is meant to be very natural looking  but fuller than just microblading alone, and is a great option for folks that have lost their hair completely (due to illnesses such as cancer and alopecia, or natural hair loss) or just desire a more filled in structured look to their natural brows due to sparse hair or patchiness. 



Powder Brows is a form of Permanent Makeup that is implemented with a Permanent Makeup Machine and delicate needles that result in a soft pixelated " filled in with powder makeup" look, this style is great for clients who have little to no brow hair or for clients who just want a more defined look. Powder brows can be soft and airy or more dense and defined based on the client's preference. Powder Brows can be a better option than microblading for clients with oily skin or larger pores. 



Combo Brows is a permanent makeup procedure that is a combination of the Powder Brows style and Microblading. Microblading is done at the head of the brow to add a soft fluffiness to the front and then more filled in powder is added to the rest of the brow for a sharper more defined look

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